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Fascinating anatomy.

Take a look at this discussion on preemptive surgery for women predisposed to ovarian cancer. Maricormaricar, twin artists and stitchers, illustrate the article with embroidery. Beautiful, informative and thought provoking.  Take a look here.

More of there work is exquisite, check it out here.

There are other creative embroidery artists who illustrate, Andrea Dezso -
Heart Embroidery

Ash Cornish with her brain illustrations - 

and then there is Sam P. Gibson



On the tiniest scale.

I think I have made my case regarding my love for miniatures, (for example HERE and HERE).
Another group of miniatures, this time paintings -

From Turkish artist Hasan Kale:

and then there is Lorraine Loots.  Exquisite artistry -

I'm so taken by these works of art that my fingers are itching to get back to some work on 40 count silk gauze.
Have you created anything on a very small scale? Send me photos!

PS - I've updated my previous post with web addresses for all the talented artists whose work I showed. My apologies for not having the links in last time, bad girl Orna!



Sorry about not including the links to the photos below!!  You can check out the originals using the links under the images.








My doodle drawer




My weekend ...

I have 5 drawers full of designs that have never been introduced.  I seem to be in a constant catching up when charting and writing instructions are involved. I haven't visited these drawers in a long while.  This morning I took a peek.  If only (!!!!) I had another me who could just write and chart. 

*    *    *    *    *    *

There is a verse in the Old Testament that I think is so smart, (there are many smart verses).

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; 

there is nothing new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

I am a HUGE believer in this verse, in regards to almost any aspect of life; what has been done will be done again.  I love reading and pouring over older art books. Each time I do I will realize that what I thought to be modern and new in our times, has been done before!  Have you looked at needlepoint books from the 60s and 70s. What creativity, what modernity!  It really keeps me humble and puts me in my place.

BUT, (you knew there was a but, right?), each of us still has our personal signature.  We may mix the known in a different way, we may turn things upside down, we may add our special touch and with that maybe not create something new, but create something that is of us, is ours.  It is such a great compliment when people tell me that they recognized one of my designs right away! I have heard people say: oh, that's an Orna.  I love that!  I have no illusions of being a great artist, I am what I am, I bring what I hold inside.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!


Good morning from Valentino.

It's enough to make one's needle twitch.
Valentino 2015


Adorably ridiculous.

Every once in a while I come across something that grabs my attention.  Sometimes it's useful, sometimes beautiful and creative, sometimes unique and sometimes just darn silly and adorable. Truth is, I tend to keep the silly and adorable to myself, these things don't necessarily show my more refined self.  
This time I'm sharing. I LOVE miniatures.  They appeal to me in a very strange and satisfying way. Couple that with anything that has to do with threads, stitching and organization? Fohget about it!

Here it is.  I found this on Etsy, it's a shop in China! This is all from the same store. What a mishmash!  

All of these DIY miniature kits, you build each on your own.

A floss organizer.  I've never seen anything like this and 
what are those symbols between the rows of thread? 

they come in lots of colors...

and more miniatures, this time vintage vehicles. How weird! 
How mesmerizing in a strange kind of way.

I wanted to give you the link to the shop, just in case you think it's adorable as well but I accidentally closed it down, so I went looking for it on Etsy. And to my surprise, it turns out there are many shops in the far east with this stuff.  WHO KNEW??


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