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35% off = Golden Friday!

Black Friday?  NO, NO, NO!
Here we do Golden Friday with all new colorways for a fantastic design: Colorations 2015.

 Use Coupon Code: Golden Friday
(offer ends December 1st, 2015)

8 new colorways at 35% off. They are mouthwatering, each designed for the Holiday Season and for your fun stitching.

Take a look at the colors:

It's all in the SHOP, along with the new November Fiber Collection and lots more!
Check it Out!


November's Thread Collection, HERE AT LAST!

Take a stroll down to our gorgeous new November Thread Collection, HERE.

Here's what I said about these beauties:

This month I am investigating one color in a multitude of hues and different textures. Purple you say? How about purple in velvet and in a glitzy ribbon? Or maybe you would like to mix it up with a silk overdye and a little cotton Perle? You will get the chance to use 14 different fibers in each bundle. FUN!!

BEST OF ALL...  Buy the entire collection and get 20% discount (code: COLLECTION) as well as my Shiri's Star design as a gift!


Tissue please!

If you could hear me now...  I got back from my visit to Israel after flight cancellations and delays, only to get sick and crawl into bed the next day!  I'm feeling a bit better today, but still sounding pretty nasty.
How have you guys been?

November's Thread Collection is in it's final stages of preparation!  This month I am investigating one color in a multitude of hues and different textures.  Purple you say? How about purple in velvet and in a glitzy ribbon?  Or maybe you would like to mix it up with a silk overdye and a little cotton Perle?  You will get the chance to use 14 different fibers in each bundle.  FUN!!

So, I will take the weekend to make sure I am all better and then I will put the final touches on packaging the fibers, (you know what a sucker I am for packaging).  After that, November's collection will be there for you to adore!

So glad to be back with you!



Most dangerous place to be: next to old photo albums!

After a day in the kitchen baking and cooking with my mother, I come into the guest room to read and maybe take a little siesta. There on a shelf above the couch are all the family photo albums.  I pull one out... Bad move!  Unless you are someone who takes the passage of time in stride, bad move! 

50 years ago, visiting my grandparents with my sister.

45 years ago, my last year in the United States before moving back to Israel.  I'm the one sitting and beading in my paisley corduroy dress.

 40 years ago, a few days off while in the army, (ages 18).

So many years ago, it all goes by so fast!


What happens when you go back home?

I'm here at my parent's home. I arrived on Saturday and spent the first 2 days like a newborn; awake for 2 hours, asleep for 2 hours. When I come here on my own, without Reid or Nina, it is a bit like going back in time.  In part I belong, but in part I don't. In part I'm an adult but in part I'm a teenager who has regressed to not making her bed and bringing the dishes as far as the sink.  

To prove my point, on the second afternoon my mother and I walked across the street to the mall. We walked into a jewelry store to get my watch band adjusted and my eyes caught a display of studs used for ear piercing.  I could feel that 15 year old pushing her way through my body and saying... "I want a second piercing in my right ear!" My mother turned to me and said, "Really? Which earrings would you choose?"  That was it!  I got permission and I felt the type of excitement that I hadn't felt in 43 years, (can you do the math?).  We chose the earring, my ear was marked and in a few seconds I felt the jab.  Then my mother paid for the earring and together we walked out of the store.

What a delightful time-machine experience!  It's what happens when you go back home.

Sitting in my mother's kitchen, like old times...


Things that make me ... ahhh sigh...

I love her work!!  HERE

                                                            *   *   *   *   *

and check this out HERE

*   *   *   *   *

and then there is this!  HERE

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The last of them, 20% off...

Thank you for being patient with us here at the studio, as we struggled to keep up with your love for our October Fiber Collection.  
I am off to visit my family in Israel in less than a week and now that we've finally gotten all your orders out, we have a few last of the collection available. I won't be back till mid November so I want you to have a chance to get the last of our combos. Our website is updated with what we still have, and we are throwing in our super dandy discount of 20%!  Code: Lastofthem.  

So, pop over HERE, get the last of them, and enjoy the beauty of these amazing combinations...



I couldn't have said it better!!

Even Esther is frustrated...
This month I have experienced, (and not for the first time), the helplessness of not being able to supply my customers with their orders in a timely fashion. I judge most things, as I am sure we all do, by how would I feel? When I order anything online, I start counting the days for its arrival. I want it all yesterday. So, when I can't supply an order right away, and when I find out that there will be a big delay due to issues on the supplier end, I feel horrible! This month has been very frustrating. My monthly fiber collection was a big hit, much more so than I anticipated. I found myself, on the first day of introducing the collection, already running out of the most popular combinations. I immediately began to order more fibers from the suppliers and asked to have them shipped as quickly as possible. With some it worked, with others... I'm still waiting. That means you are still waiting. That means we are all upset! 

It was quite incredible, therefore, to read a post on Jane from Chilly Hollow's blog referring us to a post Debbie from DebBee's Designs wrote on September 30th. Hence my title to this post... I couldn't have said it better!!

This is what Debbie wrote:
... When I ordered supplies from my regular supplier, I specified that if anything was back ordered, to please let me know so I could acquire from a different source. I heard nothing, so I assumed that everything would be in the box. The shipment arrived while I was away tending my mother, and I couldn’t open the box while I was out of town. When I opened the box to begin assembling kits, I discovered that not one, not two, but three different items were back ordered and not in the box! Frantic phone call to the supplier, who confirmed that the items were indeed back ordered, and no hint as to when they would ship.
I spent yesterday trying to find other sources for the missing kit items, and hopefully they will be on their way soon.
I also had to revamp the instruction book to include a fourth color way. Instructions rewritten, books printed and ready to ship as soon as the missing kit items arrive. But the clock’s ticking and I’m getting nervous about getting things out in a timely manner.
Why not order sooner? Good question, and one for which there’s no easy answer. I placed my orders as soon as the registration period ended, and there’s a built-in time cushion to allow for supplies to arrive, assemble kits and mail. When a supplier lets me down, though, that time cushion quickly evaporates. Ordering in advance of the end of registration is fraught with problems. What if I order too much? I have to pay for the supplies and am stuck with them unless I can find another use, or have the class again. What if I order too little? It’s also a problem because I have to pay shipping charges for each and every shipment – far better to place one order and have one shipping charge!
So while I’m waiting for my missing kit items, I’ll get back to Citrine. Fingers crossed the supplies arrive quickly!

Most needlepoint designers have small businesses. The inventory we can afford to keep is limited. We try to anticipate and predict, but we are sometimes surprised. We do as best as we can, but it doesn't always work. I know I have let some of you down, but it is not because I don't care. I do, very much! 




Jay Mohler's Mandalas.

Jay's work can be found HERE.


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